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Welcome fellow Commanders!
Thanks for dropping in (no pun, sure..), our sites primary function is an online exploration journal for myself & Commander FL45H.
We both are quite late starters to the game, after quite some time diliberating on weather to dive in or hold back after hearing a few newcommer issues with how unforgiving the early game time can be, but we decided to Hyperdrive to the Store & get started noting our own starting out phase.
So far we have explored some 300+ star systems & have a fair amount of currency, if you would like to speak in-game to either of us our handles are CMDR LECORE & CMDR FL45H.

Also a massive thanks to the Fuel Rats, these guys & girls are the guardian angels of the galaxy, if you find youself like i did very early on (first day lol) out of fuel, stranded in the depth of space, open a hail to these angels & depending on viable location, they will come & refuel your vessel with enough fuel to get to the nearest station, all for free, all they ask is that you be patient, relaxed & polite.

Alternatively you can hail them from us Right here

Game Version: v2.3

Our site is currently closed for admissions, but this may change, stay tuned.